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Due to age and many other factors people can loose volume in thier lips leaving the lips looks aged, withered and wrinkled. The skin on your lips is constantly moisturised from within by our own hyaluronic acid which we lose over time, so lips begin to deflate, we lose our fullness and lines appear around the mouth.

As our lips become thinner they lose volume and lack definition and even develop a droop to the corners of the mouth giving your lips a sad appearance. Dermal fillers can add definition to the mouth area and lips, which can subtly reshape and redefine you lips and lines around the mouth.

The dermal filler filler gel fills in the lip lines, and wrinkles as well has enhances the shape of your lips. The soft natural gel attracts and retains moisture making the lips appear more youthful and healthy looking. With reults lasting up to a year. It is also important to mention that only dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with a drug called hylase (hyaluronidase).